Sharaka hosts multiple tree planting events for peace in Abraham Accords countries

“When you are connected to the roots and you maintain your identity and you keep to your core, that’s when your tree is alive. When your tree is alive, they can give fruit and they can inspire others. To celebrate Tu BiShvat here in the UAE in such a way is incredible,” said Rabbi Levi Duchman, Head of the Jewish Community Center in the UAE.

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“There is a tremendous support across politics and business for the Abraham Accords. I was particularly impressed when we’ve signed an MoU with Sharaka. The interest of the young people is the most represented and for them, this is the chance to look forward and realise that it is not just about reading history, it is about writing history,” Fox explained.

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Trips like those taken by Ms Al-Harbi have mostly been organised by newly established NGOs working to foster warm relations between Israel and its Abraham Accords partners at civil society level. Hers, organised by the NGO Sharaka, helped her overcome preconceived ideas about Israelis.