Study in Israel: A Guide for International Students

Want to Study in Israel?

There are many preconceived notions surrounding the Middle East and this has resulted in Israel often being overlooked as a study abroad destination. But for students with a sense of adventure who are looking to enrich their cultural knowledge and gain new perspectives while receiving a world-class education, few places rival Israel. So, don’t miss out on one of the most underrated places to study abroad!

On the edge of the Mediterranean, Israel is home to rare and stunning landscapes and houses some of the world’s best universities. Its deep religious roots and diverse culture are a source of both beauty and wonder, this small country offers unparalleled experiences for culture lovers and adventurers alike!

Start-Up Nation

Israel is considered a Hi-Tech hub and one of the most innovative countries in the world!
Known as the “Start-up Nation”, it has the highest number of startups per capita worldwide – the perfect place for students with an entrepreneurial spirit! As for quality of life, various stats place Israel as the 9th country globally with the best quality of life, as well as the happiest country in Asia!

All of this translates into a high-quality higher education system that boasts of some of the greatest universities, colleges and research institutions for producing entrepreneurs. In fact, four Israeli universities offer among the top 50 undergraduate programs globally that produce the most entrepreneurs. Renowned within the fields of Innovation, Science and Engineering, Israel has a long tradition of academic excellence and promoting research and innovation. Out-of-the-box thinkers and go-getters will feel right at home in Israel!

Quick Facts about Israel


9 Million


Hebrew, Arabic

Area Size

11,145 km²


New Israel Shekel (NIS)

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