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Peace starts with understanding. An understanding of each other’s countries, cultures and people. We believe that the best way to understand Israel is to experience Israel. Sharaka Experience delegations allow you to explore Israel’s beauty and diversity, and gain a deep understanding of its people, history and present-day reality.

Experience Israel

Sharaka’s goal is to strengthen the bonds between young people and social activists from the Gulf states and Israel.
We believe that through sharing the beauty, diversity and history of Israel, we can bring our countries closer together.

From the vibrant energy of Tel Aviv and the beaches of the Mediterranean to the historical sites of Jerusalem and the breathtaking beauty of Israel’s North and South– each setting provides a meaningful and profound way to understand the country and its People. 

Visit the Famous Landmarks of Israel


Dead Sea

Tel Aviv

The Negev

Delegations include:

Fatema Al Harbi

“Having breakfast and dinner at different families from different backgrounds & religions, as food brings us together at one table we learned a lot about Israel and different communities with amazing food experience and meeting amazing people!
Also meeting with the Israeli students we had an enjoyable time talking to them and sharing out our experiences and exchanging our cultures that seemed so similar, and we gained a lot of friends after this.”

Dr Majid Al Sarrah

“The cultural exchange is very important to have an authentic dialogue and spread understandings of peace amongst people from both sides, it helps to build strong ties for the current and future generations to achieve coexistence and prosperity.”

Program Alumnis

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